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We have several courses and shooting options. Follow the link to find out more.

About Us

The Best Clay Shooting In the Greater Atlanta Area

Etowah Valley Sporting Clays is proudly the tradition of clay shooting in the greater Atlanta area. Open since 2004, our ownership and staff are veterans of clay shooting, and we know what fun looks like. We have several courses and offerings for beginners and gun sports veterans alike. Our courses are laid out over the natural setting of the Appalachian mountain range foothills, just north off of Highway 400. Come out and shoot with us!


Sporting Clays

Our sporting clays event has 4 different courses of different levels of difficulty, with 39 stations in total at rates that are more than reasonable. Check out our rates to learn more.

Clays and Feathers

With Etowah Valley Game Preserve, our Clays and Feathers package sharpens your hunting eye with 50 clay targets at 7 of our stations, and then your group and your guide go out to shoot the real thing. Lunch is on us before we go out and shoot your choice of Pheasant, Chukka, or Quail.

Skeet Shooting

Skeet Shooting is where clay targets are thrown into the air by two mechanical clay throwers at high speeds at different arcs. Learn more about our skeet shooting rates!

Shooting Lessons

Book a private lesson with one of our NSCA Licensed Instructors to start off with all the right skills. Our instructors can take you from never holding a shotgun to hitting targets in very short time. Even for veterans, our instructors can help straighten out any issues and get you back on track.

Five Stand

In our Five Stand course, shooters go to 5 stands and shoot 25 targets in total. Shooters are shown the sequence of where the clay targets will be flung from. Learn more about our rates in the link below.

Youth Program

We at Etowah Valley are committed to our local youth. Etowah Valley Mamba’s SCTP Competition Team and the Fideles Christian School Ranger Shotgun Team are a Scholastic Clay Target Program Team with boys and girls from 4th grade to 12th grade, competing across many divisions in a team based environment.

Trap Shooting

In our Trap Shooting course, 25 clay targets are hurled from a single machine in one round. Participants shoot from 5 different windows, where each take their turn shooting at their target and rotate stations from left to right.

​Event Hosting

If you are interested in a complete do-it-yourself wedding without the stress of contracts or high venue fees, the The Pavilion in Dawsonville may be perfect for you! Give us a call and follow the link to learn more about our rates, and hosting events at the beautiful Appalachian foothills.

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