Clay Pigeon Shooting Near Blue Ridge

Shotgun shooting sports are popular in Georgia, including trap, skeet and sporting clays shooting. If you are looking for a range that has all these sports and more near Blue Ridge, come see us at Etowah Valley Sporting Clays. We have a beautiful location next to the Etowah Valley Game Preserve, with options for all levels of shooters at our range.

Skeet Shooting

Whether you want to improve your shooting speed and accuracy for bird hunting or just enjoy the challenge, skeet shooting is a fantastic way to spend your day at the range. We offer a challenging course with 25 shots per round, all at affordable rates.

Trap Shooting Course

If you are new to shotgun shooting sports, a good place to start is trap shooting. At Etowah Valley Sporting Clays, we offer shooting lessons for beginners to get you ready to head to the trap or skeet shooting courses. All levels of shooters can improve their skills with trap shooting, with 25 shots per round.

On top of our skeet and trap shooting, we also offer five-stand and a fantastic sporting clays course. Five-stand is for more advanced shooters, with varying targets like sporting clays, but in a smaller course area. Our sporting clays courses have up to 14 stands and 100 targets, with golf carts available to take you from stand to stand. We also have our “Clays and Feathers” package, with a half day on our sporting clays course followed by an afternoon hunting on the game preserve.

Everyone is welcome at Etowah Valley Sporting Clays. We have youth program options for beginners and shotgun rentals available at our range. We are conveniently located right off highway 400, an easy drive from Blue Ridge. No reservations are needed for individual shooting, so come out and visit us for a fun day shooting in a beautiful location.