Clay Pigeon Shooting Near Dahlonega

Are you itching to spend a day skeet or trap shooting? Head out of Dahlonega towards Dawsonville to Etowah Valley Sporting Clays shooting range. We welcome sport shooters of all levels of experience, from advanced veterans to beginners, with courses designed to improve your skills. We have trap and skeet shooting for practicing your shotgun skills as well as sporting clays and five-stand shooting for a more realistic hunting experience.

Skeet Shooting

Concentration and quick reaction times are needed to become an expert skeet shooter. Our skeet shooting course give you 25 shots per round to hit the two cross-patterned clay pigeons traveling about 45 MPH. This is a great warm up for advanced shooters that are looking to improve their performance on the sporting clays course or in the field.

Trap Shooting Course

Improve your shooting skills on our trap shooting course. If you are new to sport shooting, this can be a great place to start. Contact one of our instructors to schedule a shooting lesson first then hit our trap shooting course. This is often where the love of clay shooting begins, with more advanced options available as your skill improves.

Sporting clays and five-stand are similar in the fact that both use complex targets and patterns for advanced sport shooters. Our sporting clays courses are spread out with up to 14 stands and 100 shots per round, you can use one of our golf carts to travel from stand to stand. Five-stand is confined in one area, with less walking and time needed but still offering challenging shooting.

Etowah Valley Sporting Clays is your source for excellent shooting courses near Dahlonega. Check out our website to contact us, or give us a call for more information on rates, hours and shooting options.