Clay Pigeon Shooting Near Marietta

Etowah Valley Sporting Clays is your source for clay pigeon shooting options near Marietta, GA. If you love skeet or trap shooting or prefer more advanced options like sporting clays or five-stand courses, we have you covered at our facility in Dawsonville. Just drop by to shoot a few rounds on our trap or skeet shooting courses, or schedule a full day of sporting clays and bird hunting with our “Clays and Feathers” package. We have the shooting options you want. This is whether you are new to the sport or an advanced shooting competitor.

Skeet Shooting

Becoming a skeet shooting expert takes time and practice. Our skeet shooting courses give you a chance to improve your skills, learning to adjust your aim and timing to hit both clays as they cross paths in front of your station. This is great for the bird hunter but is satisfying for those who enjoy shooting sports in general.

Trap Shooting Course

Trap shooting has fewer variables than other shooting sports, with one target flung out away from the shooter from a single machine. Since there are fewer factors to consider, this can be a great course for new shooters to begin shooting. Even if you are new to shotgun shooting sports, we have lessons available through our affiliated instructors at our facility.

The more advanced shooters that come to EVSC enjoy the challenge of our sporting clays course when they have the time to go through our extensive course. We have golf carts available to travel from stand to stand. If you want the varying targets of sporting clays but want a quicker course with less walking, try our five-stand course.

Next time you are ready to hit the shooting range near Marietta, contact Etowah Valley Sporting Clays today. Walk-ins are welcome, and we have the ammunition and gear you need at our facility, including shotgun rentals.