Clay Pigeon Shooting Near Rome

There is nothing better for a sport shooting enthusiast than spending a day at a well-maintained range. If you live in Rome, GA, you have access to one of the best shooting ranges in Georgia. Etowah Valley Sporting Clays is only a short drive away, offering your favorite shooting sports in a beautiful setting in the Appalachian foothills. We have skeet, trap and sporting clays shooting, plus hunting expedition and shooting lesson options, all at our facility in Dawsonville.

Skeet Shooting

Skeet shooting is an excellent sport for fine-tuning your shooting skills with moving targets. As two clays are propelled from two different stations, you must try to hit both targets as they cross in front of your station. Each round comes with 25 shots with affordable rates.

Trap Shooting Course

Try hitting as many clay pigeons in a row as possible with our trap shooting course. While there is only one target moving in one direction, this is still a challenge when you are trying to beat your own best record or competing against others. Take five shots from five stations for each round. There is no need to reserve your spot on our course as we are first come, first served at EVSC.

If you are new to shooting sports or have a friend that wants to learn the sport, contact one of our instructors for a shooting lesson. We offer private and group lessons through our experienced instructors at our facility. You can take a lesson and begin shooting the same day on our trap or skeet shooting courses.

Sporting clays shooting is more complex, involving moving from stand to stand at our outdoor course with varying targets to test your skills. This is a better option for advanced shooters. A quick version of sporting clays is our five-stand shooting course, which is confined to a smaller area but still offer targets from 6-8 different machines for more difficulty.

Ready to head out for a day of shooting? Come visit Etowah Valley Sporting Clays, and experience a quality shooting experience. If you are visiting from Rome, just head east toward Dawsonville, with no reservations required for our standard shooting courses.