Clay Pigeon Shooting Near Roswell

When you want to enjoy a day of skeet, trap or sporting clays shooting, there is a place to go near Roswell. Etowah Valley Sporting Clays is your source for quality shooting courses with veteran staff to help you improve your skills. We welcome shooters of all skill levels, from advanced competitors to beginners interested in learning the sport. No appointments are needed, as we run on a first come, first served basis during our regular operating hours.

Sport shooting is a great way to spend time outdoors enjoying a highly competitive skill sport. It is also excellent for improving your shooting accuracy if you love to hunt. We have advanced courses of sporting clays and five-stand to test your skills if you are an experienced shooter, on top of our skeet and trap shooting courses.

Skeet Shooting

Timing and accuracy are important components of all sport shooting. With skeet shooting, you get a chance to spend 25 shots per round to hit as many crossing clays as possible. There are two machines that propel your targets in arcs toward each other in front of your station, giving you a chance to improve your skills.

Trap Shooting Course

Many people begin on a trap shooting course when they first start the sport. With only one target flying away from you, it gives you a chance to focus on your aim. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Although you can quickly gain the skill to hit more targets than you miss on each round of 25 shots, striving for 100% accuracy takes time and practice.

If you are new to shooting, we offer private lessons with one of our veteran instructors. They will teach you gun safety and the basic skills needed for our various shooting sports. Call one of our instructors to schedule a lesson before you hit the skeet, trap or sporting clays course.

Roswell is just a short drive away from one of the best shooting ranges in Georgia. Contact Etowah Valley Sporting Clays today to schedule a fantastic sport shooting experience.