Frequently Asked Questions

Location, Hours, and What to Expect

What days & hours are you open? 

We are Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. “Last Call” is at 3:30pm.

We are Closed for Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, New Year’s day & Easter.

​​Where are you located?

619 Sporting Hill Drive, Dawsonville, GA 30534. (The closest road before our driveway is Bannister Rd. off Hwy 9 South.) See “More…> Directions” page.

Do you have to make a reservation to come shoot?

No. We are a “first come, first serve” facility. (large groups of 6 or more see below.)

How do you shoot the Sporting Clays course?  

After you decide which course you would like to shoot, we will load a “Wi-card” with the targets for the course, plus we will give you enough extra clays for your group to view ONE A bird and ONE B bird so you can see where they are coming from and a few extra for broken birds or misfires.When you will drive the golf cart to the 1st station there will be a blue control box with a controller connected to it and a card hanging up telling you how many each person will shoot. Slide the shooting card into the clip on the control box. The shooter will then get into the shooting window and only then does he/she load the shotgun. Get into shooting position and yell “PULL!” At that point someone in your group will push the “A” button on the controller. You will then shoot that bird and at the sound of the gun, they will push the “B” button. The shooter will shoot it as well. That will then be ONE PAIR shot. If the card says, for example, 3 Report Pair, each shooter will shoot 6 targets. Some cards will say, “True Pair”. There is a third button on the controller which will say True Pair. That is when both machines will throw at the same time. You will take either 6 or 8 shots at each station if you are on either the RED, BLUE or WHITE Sporting Clay Courses. When you get done with the course you will need to RETURN the “Wi-card” to the front desk to check out. 

Scorecards are at the front desk-one card per shooter OR download the “Clays Tracker” app for iphones.

What if I have never shot a shotgun before?

We welcome people who are new to the sport of shotgun shooting, but we strongly urge every inexperienced shooter to bring someone with shotgun shooting experience. We have several licensed shooting instructors you can schedule a lesson with. We politely ask that you do not show up with a large group of 8 or more and nobody has every shot a shotgun before. We may not have the personnel to accomodate or a certified instructor.

(see “Our Instructors” page)

​What is the difference between Skeet, Trap, 5 Stand & Sporting Clays?

The difference between skeet and trap is that with Skeet, most of the targets are crossing targets.  In shooting Trap, all of the targets are outgoing targets that are moving away from you from one Wobble machine. Five Stand is very similar to Sporting Clays in that there is a wide variety of target presentations that are thrown. There are five spots to shoot from. There are typically 6 and 8 machines that throw targets. Various combinations of targets are thrown from the machines. Participants shoot in turn at each of the 5 spots. There will be a menu card posted that will advise the shooters of the sequence of targets. Five Stand is a great way to get a Sporting Clays like experience in a small amount of space, with very little walking. Here at EVSC our 5 Stand is set up for advance shooters and you will need a member of our staff to pull for you.

It looks like you are already having an event on the day I wanted to come out and shoot. Can I still come out and shoot on the courses?

Yes, you sure can! Even when there is an event going on, there are several other  courses available for you to come out and shoot on.

Large Groups and Parties

Do you have group discounted rates?

No. We do not offer group discounted rates at this time.

​What if I have a large group of people that want to come shoot?

We like for you to call ahead and let us know how many in your group to make sure we can accommodate you. We politely ask that you do not show up with a large group of 8 or more and need a group lesson. We may not have the personnel to accommodate a group lesson request or have a certified instructor on hand.

How do I schedule a fundraiser, corporate event, birthday party, batchelor party, wedding, or other events at your facility?

You may call our office @ 706-265-1611 during regular business hours. For after business hours or if we are closed that day you may call our Event Coordinator @ 706-525-8987 or E-mail with questions & to check on date availability. We offer several options to accommodate up to 120 ppl.

E-mail: EVSCEVENTS@GMAIL.COM. Our Event Coordinator will be happy to answer all your questions, supply you with a quote for any occasion.​


How do I buy a gift certificate?

You may purchase a gift certificate in any dollar amount you choose. You may call or come in to purchase gift certificates. We can take payment over the phone and e-mail the gift certificate to you, with a receipt as well.

Do you consign shotguns?

Yes. We have a 10% fee for a term of 120 days.

Can I bring my own golf cart?

Yes. If it has a gun rack it MUST be a vertical design so the barrel is facing up. Please call or e-mail with questions on restrictions.

​How many people can ride on a golf cart?

We have 4 person golf carts. No more than 4 people per golf cart. No one under 16 may drive them.

Bringing Guns, Rental Guns, and Gun Restrictions

Can I bring my own shotgun?​ 

​Yes. Shotguns must have a barrel length of at least 21”. See our PARK RULES page.

Are there any restrictions on what kind of shotgun I can bring? 

Yes. Shotguns have to have a barrel length of at least 21”. Shotgun types that are NOT allowed are: Guns with a visible hammer, Riot shotguns, Street Sweepers, Personal Defense Shotguns (guns with a pistol type grip)​ & ABSOLUTELY NO HANDGUNS orRIFLES ARE ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY.

Do you have shotguns we can rent? 

Yes. We feature Beretta & Benelli, O/U’s & Semi-Automatics. We offer mostly 20ga, 12ga and one 28ga rental shotguns.

How many people can use a rental shotgun?

2 people may share one shotgun, if you are not shooting more than 100 clays each.

How much does a shotgun rental cost?

$22.00 per person and we can split the cost between 2 people, if you are sharing. We will require valid form of Government Issued ID or a Valid Credit Card to hold while using the rental gun.


​Do you sell ammo? 

Yes. Current prices are listed on the “RATES” page.

What gauge ammo do you sell?

Yes. We always have 28, 20, 16 & 12 gauge ammo in stock.

Can I bring my own ammo?

Yes, TARGET LOADS ONLY. 71/2, 8 or 9 shot sizes- NOTHING LARGER (i.e.4, 5, 6, etc.).

Why can’t we shoot hunting ammunition?

Clay shooting requires only the smallest shot (nothing larger than 7-1/2) and payloads (no more than 1-1/8 oz). Clay ranges can be set up on fairly small parcels of land when target loads are used. Target load shot does not travel far and doesn’t make nearly the noise of hunting loads. Hunting ammo is heavier and will travel farther. Not to mention, they create an extremely dangerous situation on a smaller course.

Shooting Lessons

Do you offer shotgun lessons? 

Yes! We offer Private lessons and group lessons BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We have several Licensed Shooting Instructors to choose from. (see “Our Instructors” page for more info. on group and private lessons).

How much does the lesson cost? 

$95.00 for the first hour, for the first person. ADD $20 each additional person included in the lesson-upto 4 people.

Do you offer Group Lessons? What does it entail?

Yes, Please see our Instructors tab for details. It is by appointment onlyWe politely ask that you do not show up with a large group of 8 or more with no one having experience with shooting & need a group lesson. We will not be able to accommodate without a certified instructor.     

Do you have somewhere we can shoot Rifles and Handguns? 

NO- we are a “SHOTGUN ONLY” Sporting Clays Range. No handguns, Rifles or home-defense type guns are allowed to be shot on our courses.

How long does the lesson take?

Lessons can take 1 to 2 hours.

What holidays are you open for?

We are closed for major holidays. We are open usually the week before major holidays or the day of other holidays.

Please see HOME page for holiday hours.