Rules and Regulations

Please review the following rules below carefully. They are in place to ensure your safety, and the safety of those around you. We ask that you treat every gun as though it is loaded no matter where you are on the course. Remember, you can NEVER be too safe with a firearm.

Park Rules

  • No loaded shotguns outside the shooting window.
  • Never carry two tupes of ammo (for example 20 gauge and 12 gauge).
  • Make sure you load your gun with the ammunition designed for your gauge of shotgun.
  • Load a maximum of two shells at all times (5 stand and on range).
  • No “back-up” shooting is allowed at any location within the park unless you are engaged in one of the structured activities at the 5 stand.
  • Never “aim” your gun unless you are at the shooting window.
  • While in the shooting window, make sure to point your muzzle downrange.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds before clearing a miss/hang fire.
  • Miss/hang fire: muzzle downrange, 180 degrees clear (muzzle & action; make certain spectators are not in harms way when opening the firearm).
  • It is required that at all times you must wear eye and ear protection, spectators too.
  • No shot over 7 1/2 may be used we allow shot size 7 1/2 8 or 9.
  • Do not carry an over/under shotgun with the muzzle facing to the rear.
  • Barrel length must to be at least 21″ or longer.
  • No shotguns of the following type are allowed on the premises:
  • No guns with a visible hammer
  • No riot shotguns
  • No street sweepers
  • No personal defense shotguns (guns with a pistole-type grip)
  • No coach guns
  • Absolutely NO hand guns or rifles of ANY KIND are allowed on the property.

Golf Cart Rules

  • You have to be at least 16 years old to operate the golf carts.
  • Personal golf carts are allowed, however only licensed drivers may operate the golf carts, yours and ours.
  • Please operate your golf carts at a safe speed and stay on pathways.
    Only 4 people to a golf cart.
  • Absolutely no alcohol allowed on property. We reserve the right to look in coolers.