Ground and Land Clearing Service

At Etowah Valley Sporting Clays, we love helping customers enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, in addition to our shooting courses in Dawsonville, we also offer affordable land clearing services. If you own large amounts of land in the Atlanta area that is filled with brush, trees and debris, we have the equipment and expertise it takes to make it a more usable property.

When clearing acreage, we proudly utilize the Kubota SVC 92-2S Track Loader to tackle the project. This is an impressive piece of equipment designed to cut through the toughest landscape obstacles. Whether we are cutting brush, clearing trees, building ATV roads or removing stumps, you can trust our team to do the job efficiently and affordably. It is our pleasure to help others take advantage of their property grounds by creating a more open and navigable space.

Meet Your Property Goals with Ground Clearing

Do you own several wooded acres that you are not using? Whether you want to be able to drive your ATV through your land or start a small construction project, we can help you utilize the property you own. In fact, our land clearing and brush cutter services can reveal a whole new set of opportunities for your landscape. As experts in outdoor sporting, we value the importance of helping others make the most out of their personal property.

To learn more about our land clearing services using the Kubota SVC 92-2S Track Loader, please contact Etowah Valley Sporting Clays. We serve the greater Atlanta area with budget-friendly rates and excellent customer service.