Rules and Etiquette for Sport Shooting

Rules and Etiquette for Sport Shooting

While each type of sport shooting has its own etiquette, there are some basic rules and protocol that should be followed for all shooters. Not only are these rules for safety, they are meant to make the experience more enjoyable and efficient for everyone. At EVSC, we are happy to help beginners learn the basics of the sports we offer and the best way to interact with other shooters. This is so that everyone has a momentous day of shooting when they visit our park.

Safety Rules to Follow

Every shooting park may have its own rules, and we have ours at EVSC. However, some basic safety rules are common at almost any shooting range you will visit. These are meant to prevent accidents and should be adhered to consistently.

  • Shotguns should only be loaded at a shooting window or station – never move from a station with a loaded shotgun
  • Always wear eye and ear protective gear, even when just observing
  • Do not load more than two shells at a time
  • Only point or aim your gun downrange and only at a shooting window

These are just a few of the safety rules. Others include the types of ammunition and guns that are allowed in the park.

Etiquette for Shooting Sports

Each shooting sport has its own set of rules and etiquette, both for competition and for practice. However, there are a few etiquette guidelines you can follow to be respectful to other shooters. These include:

  • Don’t load until it is your turn to shoot. This can distract the shooter before you and interfere with their focus and the rhythm of the round
  • Be courteous ejecting your shells. Be gentle ejecting with a pump action, and use a shell catcher with a semi-automatic to avoid your shells flying toward the person next to you
  • Come prepared to the shooting line for your round with your protective gear and enough ammo so you will not interrupt the flow

When everyone follows the rules and etiquette of shooting, our park is safe and more enjoyable. If you have any questions on the best way to participate in any of our shooting sports, do not hesitate to ask any of our veteran shooters at EVSC.

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